Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This week it's all about the overhaul on the UEN website.  As a disclaimer I do work for UEN which is a non-profit state agency.  That having been said, I would promote this resource regardless if I worked for them or not.  UEN provides and curates some of the best resources for education in the world not to say anything of the state. UEN has worked hard to be a recognizable presence in Utah.  The site has long had a recognizable Purple and Green color scheme. One that has been maintained in the new site.  But with a fresher and newer feel.  Additionally there are new features like auto resizing as you shrink the window and enhanced mobile features at

But since the change has moved around a few favorite pages. Here is a list of some of the hottest UEN pages, maybe there are some here you haven't seen:
  1. The UEN Resources Page, a list of resources built by and for UEN: 
  2. The UEN Multimedia Resource page: 
  3. The UEN Curriculum Search page:
  4. The UEN Student Interactives, a curated list of great interactive websites, see a problem, see a site that should be there Contact Us and we will get right on it: 
  5. The UEN Homework Help page:
These are just a few of the great pages provided as part of the site.  Visit the site and plan on spending some time getting reacquainted after the remodel.

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