Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mobile Learning

www.edutopia.org/mobile-learningThere are a variety of great learning sources out in the world. Eduptopia is one of the very best. I particularly like their tag line: "What works in education" The focus is not on what's wrong but what is going well and how do we capitalize on it.

Well, we have offered lots of suggestions about using mobile devices and now so has Edutopia. They have made a new PDF Guide available at: http://www.edutopia.org/mobile-learning But going beyond the suggestion of just getting the guide. I am also going to suggest that this might be a good way to really use your mobile device. Here are 5 ideas for accessing and using the PDF on your mobile
  1. Find your Kindle address and email the pdf to your Kindle. Each Kindle you have registered including Apps has a unique email address you can send files to. PDF's are free other documents may have a charge.
  2. Find a new PDF Reader for your device. You might tryt: GoodReader for iPad, or Aldiko for Android
  3. Annotate the PDF. Many of the readers out there including GoodReader from above allow you to add notes, comments or even drawings. There are other note-taking apps that can even do character recognition on PDFs like Evernote
  4. Share it. Use email, Twitter, Text messaging, Facebook or other tools to share the PDF with your PLN (Personal Learning Network) Don't have a PLN search #edchat on Twitter for a group of tech friendly folks talking about education technology.
  5. Share it again. Sites like Posterous and Weebly allow you to use a mobile app, text messaging or email to create a blog and new blog posts. It's super easy and superfast and a great way to share with the whole wide world.

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