Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Web of the Week Wednesday: Socrative

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With more and more students bringing mobile devices to class it's nice to have a use for them that is engaging instead of distracting. Enter Socrative.  Socrative is a clicker App with a twist. Many physical clickers require some kind of local network, often via bluetooth. This requires software, hardware and drivers on your local computer. Socrative eliminates that with a cloud based tool. Teachers create an account and then as long as the site is not blocked users login to the the site on any browser. Mobile browsers work best, but it works fine on a desktop machine too. There are apps for Android and iPhone. It is also compatible with any device with a browser especially a mobile browser. Teachers and students can access Socrative in their browser and then choose the correct portal Teacher or Student. This makes Socrative work even on older devices that you can't install the app on.

Socrative routes the teachers questions to each student and the responses back to their teacher through their website. This makes the tool really great. There is no need for all the devices to be on the same network, no need for purchasing hardware or  for all students to have the same device even students in a distance learning situation could respond  through the Socrative system greatly heightening the effectiveness and engagement available.  Socrative will also deliver your data to you so you can analyze it or import it into your Grading Software.

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