Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Web of the Week: BrainPop!

BrainPop LogoWeb Address:

BrainPop advertises itself as Animated Education and it really is.  BrainPop has videos, activities and interactives sites for students to learn about Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies plus other stuff to numerous to enumerate.  This site has long been a favorite of educators and many schools or districts purchase accounts.  You can try it out for free in a couple of ways.

There is an iPhone/iPad App for that.  The BrainPop App gives free access to a new video each day and plays right on your device.  It has limited access and many of the fully interactive activities are Flash based so the don't work on the IOS devices, but this app can be a great introduction to what is available.

On the BrainPop website you can get a free trial to test out the whole site for yourself.  You have to create a Username, password and enter some personal information.  Once you have this done you are on your way to your free trial.

Pioneer Library LogoFor Utah Educators there is a 3rd way.  Visit Pioneer: Utah's Online Library , login if you aren't at school and click on the BrainPop Trial and we have put in our information for you.  You can enter the password information provided by UEN and enjoy a free trial until April 14th.

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