Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Web of the Week: PhotoSynth

Ok, this is kind of cheating because this isn't only a Website, but it really matches well with yesterday's Phto sharing tips.  PhotoSynth is another tool available to anyone with a Windows Live (Hotmail, MSN or Live email account) account.  Photosynth creates 3-d images from pictures you take.  It stiches them together automatically based on textures and colors. It does require a download in order to create them, but there are lots of amazing ones that are already built.  Programs have done this before.  Quicktime from Apple has been able to create 3-d elements you could manipulate for a long time, the difference here is the level of automation and the 'free'ness of it.  Meaning it doesn't cost a penny. So take a look at some great synths or download the desktop program (Windows only) and give it a try yourself!

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