Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Web of the Week: Inside the Brain

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Often as educator's we talk about learning styles, brain-based learning, multiple intelligences, and various methods of understanding learning.  We understand a lot about how the human brain processes information, and how we build and maintain memories, but there is a lot more that research and science and new technology teaches us each day.  Some of what we know about how the brain works comes from studying when it doesn't work.  We learn what portions of the brain do when someone has damage to those portions.

This website sponsored by the Alzeheimers Association teaches about the different parts of the brain, interactively showing what parts of the brain are responsible for various different activities.  It is also filled with fun and intersting facts like: How much of our bodies fuel and oxygen is used by thinking.  So go check it out, and if you find the answer, leave it in the comments.

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