Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Response to Drape's Takes: Social Media

This is my response to Drape's Take on Social Media
Ummm... don't know if this qualifies as used, but it sure was frustrating. I have only recently started blogging, I held off on it mostly because I was uncomfortable with being to visible to students. I wasn't so much concerned with them finding me, but much more concerned with the reaction of parents and adminstrators finding out that students were finding me. I personally think that many adults still are firmly convinced that there is something inherently siniister about an online presence or any online interactions. I don't agree but I have to admit that there is much more license in the online world.

My example of being used comes from my son watching me blog about books. He thinks it is pretty cool. Now, how long will that last? Well, I wanted him to join in but typing up his ideas is harder so what am I to do. Out comes photobooth and up comes YouTube. He posted his first book report online. He loved it! But yesterday two separate people had watched it and responded with not just negative, but down right mean comments. I think it is very true we don't realize what we are putting out there.

Students without guidance and mentors who are also in the world with them are unlikely to learn how to maturely respond to immature reactions to their work. My son did something he cared about, do I let the negative stuff kill his enthusiasm, affect his self image? I sure don't want to, but the more I put myself out there the more I am realizing the need for there to be good mentors in the online world.

book report link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg608pSW7bo

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