Thursday, August 14, 2008

Web 2.0 What is it?

What is Web 2.0? I have been hearing this phrase kicked around for a few weeks but wasn't really sure what it meant. I am currently at a conference Sponsored by Classroom 2.0. We are discussing the definition of Web 2.0. It is very interesting that like many phrases we are defining it ourselves. We as participants in the system are creating the definitions by the way we use new tools and how we use the phrase. It is really appropriate that this definition is developing this way. The basic definition we have come up with is that Web 2.0 was a phrase coined by the industry to describe the web companies that survived the bust. One of the things that is key to the nature of Web 2.0 is the participatory nature of the web. Things like writing reviews in iTunes or on are examples of Web 2.0. There is also a philosophy shift from the web being a static resource for accessing information to being an interactive resource that participants add to the content as much as access it. There is also quite a bit of discussion about Web 2.0 being community and culture building.

So with that simple definition here is a link to my web 2.0 participation check out my Amazon.Com listmania list: Mitchell Jorgensen's Listmania Lists

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