Friday, July 11, 2008

Audio Learning

There are lot of great ways to enhance learning. I remember very fondly Mrs. Marcum reading Raold Dahl's BFG out loud in 5th grade. She skipped the chapter about Body noises. It wasn't the book that was so great, I hardly remember the plot. Really the biggest impact it had on me was that I had to go find the book and read the chapter about bodily noises because she told us she was skipping a chapter. What wa valuable was hearing an effective and animated reader read.

My Grandmother was a Drama Coach and taught my mother how to do "Readings" I learned from her and to this day I believe being read to is valuable.

To help enhance the Audio learning there are some great products available.


Another commercial venture that does allow subscription accounts for libraries. The files are specifically intended to be downloaded and used by multiple users. The state of Utah has an agreement in place so that all Utah public libraries have access to a NetLibrary collection and patrons can download and check out an audio file for 3 weeks. This is my personal favorite of the bunch because they are free. And if I ever want to listen to a book again (or it takes longer than 3 weeks for me to finish) I simply renew it just like a library book.


Playaways are a new format of audio book. They are essentially a pre-loaded MP3 player that can be checked out to students. Since they are pr e-loaded and the content can't be changed I think there is a slightly lower chance of a library having them stolen. is a commercial venture that allows you to either buy books, or subscribe to a monthly plan. These monthly plans then allow you to download audio books and play them on an iPod or other MP3 player. Great service, but pricey and doesn't allow you to redistribute the files as you would in a library.

Consider some of these sources for your audio learning.

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